Farsight Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Farsight Medical Technology was founded in 2016 by Dr. Ching Pong Mak and Mr. Ye Ding with the mission to undertake innovative drug development in China in areas with un-met clinical needs. The company has an extensive network of contacts in China into the academic and hospital community as well into Chinese CROs to enable preclinical and clinical development. This partnership provides Cypralis with almost unlimited access to top quality scientists to explore and exploit the potential of Cypralis’ compound collection in the broadest possible sense. The high degree of innovation of the Cypralis technology fits ideally into the corporate vision of Farsight and the overall strategic intent the country, forming the basis of a highly synergistic relationship.

The first drug candidate CC-4066 is scheduled to enter human trials in China Q1/2021 to prevent Delayed Graft Function following kidney transplantation, organ protection during storage and transport, acute kidney injury induced by other causes as well as to treat acute pancreatitis.

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